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3 Days / 2 Nights
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Description - Program from The Pacific to the Andes
DAY 01

Reception at airport in Arica, and transfer to the hotel. Tour around Arica in the afternoon visiting San Marcos Cathedral and Casa de la Cultura (Cultural House), both designed by Eiffel, the historic Morro de Arica with its panoramic view, the beaches and the fishermen's pier to watch pelicans and sea-wolves. Trip along the Azapa Valley, observing geoglyphs on the hillsides, and visiting the Archaeological Museum of San Miguel that exhibits the
"Chinchorro Mummies", that have a historic data close to the 5.000 B.C.
Return to hotel in Arica. Accommodation.
DAY 02

Breakfast at the hotel. Morning journey through the desert to the high plateaus of the Andes. Visit to the Aymara towns of Tignamar, Belén, Chapiquiña, Socoroma and Putre, pre-Columbian settlements that still maintain their traditions and customs, and that remain connected by the ancestral pathways of the "Inca Trail". Dinner and accommodation at hostel in Putre.
DAY 03
Breakfast at hostel in Putre. Morning departure to the historic town of Parinacota. Entry to Lauca National Park declared a World Biosphere Reserve, where the highest lake of the world is located, Lake Chungará (4.570 m.a.s.l.), surrounded by "Apus" (sacred mountains) and the "Payachatas" (twinvolcanoes) Parinacota and Pomerape, which are the Mallkus (Gods) of the Andes. Observation of the local fauna such as alpacas, vicuñas, llamas, and vizcachas.Connection with a scheduled bus service. Arrival to La Paz in Bolivia.
  • Season: All year round
  • Languages: Spanish / English
  • Service: SIB
  • Minimum 1 passenger
  • Not recommended for pregnant women, small children, and people with heart problems.
    Includes: Bus ticket, Morro de Arica, San Miguel de Azapa Museum and Lauca National Park entrance fees.
DAY 01 No meals
DAY 02 Breakfast – Box Lunch – Dinner
DAY 03 Breakfast – Box Lunch
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