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Address:Tocopilla E8 San Pedro de Atacama, Chile.
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Hotel Casa Atacama
The eco-friendly place Welcome home! Casa Atacama is part of San Pedro. From here, you can explore the town’s streets, shops and restaurants like a local. Make yourself at home in the archaeological capital of Chile.

Hotel Casa Atacama is a sustainable project that is based not only on a deep respect for our surroundings and the desert environment, but also on a highly intelligent design.

Featuring the highest standards of technology, comfort and sustainability, NOI Hotels offer each guest a unique experience by providing outstanding quality and service, along with excellent fine dining.


Thousands of years ago, the people of Atacama knew how to grow food using the desert’s scant water resources. Because fertile land was scarce, crops were considered sacred and eating became a highly anticipated and respected ritual. It’s time for you to experience it.

Each meal is prepared fresh for you. Enjoy cocktails like the Rica-Rica Sour and dishes such as beet gnocchi, Mediterranean potatoes and other local specialties, all made from locally grown, artisanally havested produce from small organic farms.


After touring the desert dunes and peaks of the Andean high plateau, your body will need a good rest. Enjoy a relaxing shower with our natural soaps and creams, followed by a refreshing nap on our exquisite down pillows.At Casa Atacama the rooms feature balconies, and come in a variety of layouts to accommodate a wide range of needs.

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