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Address:Camino Pukará s/n San Pedro de Atacama, Chile.
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Hotel Alto Atacama
Surrounded and embraced by the Cordillera de la Sal (Salt mountain range) and close to the pre-columbian ruins of Quitor, Alto Atacama offers one of the most astonishing settings in the world.

Alto Atacama is located in the fertile Catarpe valley, just 3 kilometers away from the San Pedro plaza. Our total area is 3.5 hectares, with a park area of 2 hectares.

Alto Atacama has been built in the style of a traditional adobe settlement, complete with llamas and native crops. All elements were carefully designed to integrate with the indigenous building patterns of the Likanantay people.

The Hotel has state of the art facilities, staying simple. We have a complete Spa, Yoga fields, hot springs, wooden decks with 6 swimming pools, international bar and a cozy common room with a big fireplace. Add the most impressive sights of the milky way to all of that and you can start getting the picture.

Dining Rooms

The food in Alto Atacama is healthy, delicious, and fuels body and soul before and after a day of exploring the desert. We have a main indoor dining room and two outdoor dining rooms (one adjacent to the pools).

We have created
a variety of intimate indoor and outdoor settings, providing the opportunity to be in the company of interesting people from around the world while tasting Rodrigo's fine dishes and recipes and sipping from our selection of great Chilean wines.

Our goal at Alto Atacama
is to provide a culinary journey, with a staff attentive to every detail, producing a memorable dining experience.


Our 32 rooms are spacious, decorated with local crafts and all of them have a private terrace with a great view. They follow the Alto Atacama concept, which is, simple luxury, tranquility and space.

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